Below is an example of the Pawsibilities Rescue Adoption Contract which will need to be signed at the time of adoption of the pet.

Pet’s name:______________________ Breed:____________________

Adopter Name:_________________________________________________


City ___________________________ State _______ Zip________________

Phone Number:_________________

Email address :_______________

Initial if you are in complete agreement the following adoption requirements:

___ If this pet is not altered (due to age) I agree to have this pet spayed/neutered by _________ and send proof altering to Pawsibilities Rescue.

___ I agree if the altering is not done by the date stated above, this pet will be taken back into custody by Pawsibilities Rescue.

___I agree to get any further vaccinations/deworming required at my expense.

___I agree to be responsible & take this pet to a vet immediately if a health issue/injury occurs.

___If for any reason I cannot keep this pet, I will notify a representative listed at the bottom of this contract immediately. Arrangements will be made to return this pet to the rescue. Pet will not be turned into a humane society, given to another rescue, given to another person for ownership.

___I agree to have vaccinations, exam, and heartworm check, yearly by a licensed vet.

___I agree to keep this pet on monthly heartworm & flea preventative year round

___When home or outside the home, I agree to keep this pet leashed or fenced at all times. He/she will not be allowed to run at large.

___I agree this pet will not be used for vivisection or experimental purposes or used for any type of fighting or bait animal in any way, shape or form.

___I am aware that the pet may exhibit normal but potentially undesirable behaviors including but not limited to, house soiling, scratching, barking, digging, and aggression. I agree to use proper training to discourage unwanted behavior.

___I will not euthanize this pet without first contacting representative for any reason.

___I understand that Pawsibilities and all its representatives have the ability to make inquiries about this pet at anytime, and if not satisfied with the conditions under which the pet is kept, may take custody of the pet without adopters consent.


The undersigned adopting pet owner hereby agrees that the health history of this pet is not always known, and for that reason, releases Pawsibilities and all it representatives from all liability, claims, & damages should this pet become ill or die. Furthermore, as a consideration of this adoption, the undersigned adopting owner agrees to indemnify Pawsibilities and all its representatives from any of the pets actions towards the person or property of the owner or any other person, property, or animal. The undersigning adopting owner agrees that all further medical care & expenses are their responsibility as of signing this agreement.

Adopter’s signature:___________________

Adoption donation:________(non refundable)

Printed name:_______________________

Kim Texter- (386)767-9903

Nina Hayes- (386)566-5615